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A purchasing cooperative is a type of arrangement where entities aggregate their demand to obtain lower prices from suppliers. The Cooperative purchasing process offers State of Delaware agencies, counties, municipalities, school districts, public libraries, and other political subdivisions, the benefits and costs savings of buying goods and services through contracts administered by other governmental entities, purchasing cooperatives and consortiums.

Delaware Code Title 29 §6933 & §6987 authorizes Government Support Services to participate in, sponsor, conduct or administer a cooperative agreement for the procurement of professional services with 1 or more public procurement units either within the State, with or within another state, or with a consortium of other states in accordance with an agreement entered into between the participants. Such agreement may include materiel and/or nonprofessional services with professional services.

The Director of Government Support Services and the State Contract Procurement Administrator may choose to participate in any cooperative procurement that meets the requirements of Delaware Code Title 29 §6933 & §6987, so that local units of government may have access to a cooperative contract, but might restrict or limit the participation of any state agency.

The State of Delaware has entered into participating agreements with various states and cooperatives to fulfill the State's needs.

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Minnesota Multistate Contracting Alliance for Pharmacy MMCAP 4/30/2023
Forklifts GSS18843-FORKLIFT 3/31/2019
Facilities Management Software Solution and Related Services GSS18830-FAC_MGMT_SOL 12/15/2019
Vehicle Wash Systems GSS18818-TRUCK_WASH 5/30/2020
Industrial Supply GSS18577-INDUSTRIAL 6/30/2019
Multi Use Dump Trucks GSS17813-MUNI_TRUCK 4/30/2019
Armored Multi-Terrain Loader GSS17810-ARMRD_MTL 1/31/2020
Conducted Electrical Weapons (CEW) GSS17808-TASERS 10/27/2019
Cloud Solutions GSS17793-CLOUD_SOL 9/15/2026
Research Assistant (RA) Services GSS17790-RESEARCH 7/31/2021
Open Data Portal Software and Services GSS17769-OPEN_DATA 4/30/2019
Art and Instructional School Supplies GSS17765-ARTSUPPLY 9/30/2019
Traffic Control Equipment GSS17685-TRAF_EQUIP 9/30/2019
Ground Maintenance with Related Equipment, Accessories, and Supplies GSS17673-GRND_MAINT 8/21/2021
Mailroom Equipment, Supplies and Maintenance GSS17576-MAILEQUIP 5/14/2019
Vehicle Lifts and Related Garage Equipment GSS17405-VEHLIFT 2/10/2019
School Supplies GSS16774-SCHOOL_SUP 6/30/2019
AG Tractors GSS16721-AG_TRACTOR 3/16/2019
Flood Control Devices, Equipment and Parts GSS16711A-FLOOD_CTRL 5/14/2021
Software Value-Added Reseller GSS16642-SOFTWAREVAR 4/7/2019
Body Armor GSS16585-ARMOR 3/16/2019
Package Delivery Services GSS16413-DOCUMENT_SRVC 11/27/2021
Construction Equipment, Agricultural GSS15758-EQUIP_AG 4/10/2019
Construction Equipment Medium Duty GSS15751-EQUIP_MED 5/19/2019
Construction Equipment, Heavy Duty GSS15750-EQUIP_HD 5/19/2019
Rental Equipment - Construction, Maintenance & Operational Related GSS15677-RENT_EQUIP 12/31/2018
Public Safety Communication Equipment - Radios 2015-2020 GSS15676-COMMEQUIP 6/30/2021
Information Technology Staff Augmentation Services GSS15597-IT_SERVICES 6/30/2019
Digital Press (WSCA-NASPO) GSS15571-DIGITAL_PRESS 12/31/2019
Computer Equipment, Peripherals & Related Services GSS15133-COMPUTER 3/31/2020
Snow/Ice Removal Equipment and Accessories GSS14729-SNOW_ICE 10/21/2019
Snow and Ice Removal Equipment and Accessories GSS14729A-SNOW_ICE 9/30/2019
Child Safety Seats GSS14720-CHILD_SEAT 2/28/2019
Data Communications Products & Services GSS14579-DATACOMM 5/31/2019
Campaign Finance Information System (CFIS) GSS13699-CFIS 12/31/2020
Nationwide Vehicle Rental Services GSS13694-VEH_RENTAL 10/18/2019
Information Technology Service Management GSS12690-ITSM 4/30/2020
Public Utility Vehicles and/or Services, Apparatus, Equipment and/or Accessories GSS12672-PUBUTILITY 2/20/2022
Tires, Tubes and Related Services (WSCA) GSS12004-TIRES 3/31/2019
Blockchain Consulting and Proof of Concept Delivery GSA18058-BLOCKCHAIN 6/19/2019
Incident Support and Communications Vehicles GSA18057-MOBL_ISCV 1/30/2022
General Purpose Commercial Information Technology (IT) Equipment GSA17051-IT_TESTING 6/14/2019
Trailers GSA17029-TRAILERS 5/22/2020
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